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Recent News/Events

July 7, 2020

It’s been an exciting past two months here at Help for Orphan Children Organization (HOCO). We believe our students deserve the best in order to succeed and pursue their educational goals and aspirations. We believe in creating a safe, supportive, and healthy learning environment for our students.

Therefore, our organization decided to renovate and upgrade the school within our orphanage. This month, we were able to upgrade all our student classrooms, lecture halls, study halls, and administrative offices. Likewise, our organization bought brand new chairs and desks, along with new textbooks and study materials for all our student programs.  

All these endeavors are possible due to all our donors and supporters. We here at HOCO, want to thank all who have donated and supported us throughout this journey! 

April 8, 2020

As we welcome the blessed month of Ramadan, we here at Help for Orphan Children Organization want to wish you and your loved ones a very blessed and safe Ramadan! After this past year filled with hardship and tribulations, reaching this beautiful month is truly a blessing from Allah SWT. 

This Ramadan, our organization’s mission is to help bring relief and assistance by providing food, shelter, and health services to our orphans and families. Everyone here at Help for Orphan Children Organization is dedicated to making this Ramadan special for our orphans and families in Afghanistan.

Below is a short message from our Orphans wishing you all a special Ramadan Mubarak!

January 9, 2020

For January, our organization’s main goal was to help and support our student programs in our own organization as well as our sister organization One Hour for Afghanistan (OHA) due to the effects of the COVID19 pandemic on our students’ education. However, we are pleased to announce at the beginning of January, our students were able to come back to school and continue to pursue their educational programs. 

Despite the challenges these students have faced, they have shown to be resilient and relentless in the face of continuous adversity. We are incredibly proud of our students and their commitment and perseverance towards their education. Therefore, we surprised our students with brand new reading books to show how much we appreciate and recognize all their hard work during these difficult times. 

December 17, 2020

One Hour for Afghanistan (OHA), our sister non-profit charity organization, had its first commencement ceremony on December 17, 2020, to celebrate its first graduating class. Twenty of the students completed the program and were provided their certificates during the commencement ceremony.

A group of youths in Afghanistan created OHA to help provide vulnerable students around Kabul, Afghanistan, with necessary education through basic literacy classes such as language (Dari and English) and mathematics, as well as Islamic studies and Quran classes.

Due to all your generous donations to our organization, HOCO was able to provide equipment and teaching materials such as pencils, books, chairs, desks, and other equipment needed for the programs.

We here at Help for Orphan Children Organization (HOCO) wish the graduated students success in all their future endeavors.

September 24, 2020

Due to the devastating floods that hit the northern and eastern areas of Parwan province, on September 24, Help for Orphan Children Organization (HOCO) staff and volunteer members helped distribute blankets to 200 families in Parwan Province. We here at Help for Orphan Children Organization (HOCO) want to thank everyone who donated and helped us provide basic necessities to the flood victims of Parwan Province. We will continue to use your generous donations to not only help the orphans of Afghanistan but as well as the many different populations of Afghanistan who face hardship in their everyday lives.

August 20, 2020

On August 19, with the help of Elbe Ariana International Model United Nations (EAIMUN), Future Hope Charity Organization (FHCO), and all the incredible volunteer and staff members, Help for Orphan Children Organization (HOCO) celebrated Afghanistan’s Independence Day! The day was filled with happiness and joy as our children participated in singing the national anthem and playing games. Thanks to your support and donations and the joining of these incredible organizations, we were able to provide a variety of gifts as well as brand-new shoes to all our orphans! 

May 21, 2020

Eid is a day of celebration for Muslims, especially Muslim children around the world. It is a day filled with immense happiness and joy. But, for many children, especially in Afghanistan, they are not able to celebrate these festivities. Today, May 21st, HOCO helped distribute Eid presents to the orphans as well as many children in the city of Kabul, with the help of families and children from the Netherlands and Morroco. We are glad these presents brought a smile to our children’s faces and helped them look forward to Eid.

May 7, 2020

Help for Orphan Children Organization’s team with the help of Dr. Abdul Wali Rawi has continued to provide food, resources, and aid to the orphan and vulnerable populations in Kabul, Afghanistan. Due to quarantine and isolation because of COVID-19, families do not have enough to eat this Ramadan. With regard to these difficult times, HOCO hosted a distribution event last week to help provide food packages (flour, sugar, oil) as well as medical packages to over 300 families in the city.

The team also monitored and helped contain the spread of COVID-19 by continuously checking the population’s temperatures as they entered the distribution center. 

April 2, 2020

Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, Help for Orphan Organization (HOCO) has been distributing packages of disinfectants and masks as well as raising awareness to families in Kabul city alongside the corporation of Kabul Servitors Institution.