Ramadan 2022

Help for Orphan Children Organization (HOCO) has been continuing its efforts to provide humanitarian aid for the people of Afghanistan. Just last week on April 9, 2022, HOCO was able to distribute school equipment and material to 150 male and female students in Shewaki, Kabul province. This week, on April 15, 2022, HOCO has been able to provide direct assistance, including food aid packages (Rice, Oil, Flour, Sugar, and Tea) to 270 vulnerable families in Afghanistan. This event was crucial, […]

Ramadan 2021

Due to dire living conditions in Afghanistan, many families do not have enough to eat this Ramadan. Because of your support and donations, this Ramadan HOCO held a distribution event on July 10, 2021, through the use of distribution cards to provide food packages (Rice, Beans, Flour, & Oil ) to over 160 families in need. (July 10, 2021) (13)

As we welcome the month of…

As we welcome the month of Ramadan, we here at Help for Orphan Children Organization want to wish you and your loved ones a very blessed and safe Ramadan! After this past year filled with hardship and tribulations, reaching this beautiful month is truly a blessing from Allah SWT. This Ramadan, our organization’s mission is to help bring relief and assistance by providing food, shelter, and health services to our orphans and families. Everyone here at Help for Orphan Children […]

Ramadan 2020

Help for Orphan Children Organization’s team with the help of HOCO’s organizational director, Dr. Abdul Wali Rawi, has continued to provide food, resources, and aid to the orphan and vulnerable populations in Kabul, Afghanistan. Due to quarantine and isolation because of COVID-19, families do not have enough to eat this Ramadan. With regard to these difficult times, HOCO hosted a distribution event last week to help provide food packages (flour, sugar, oil) as well as medical packages to over 300 […]