Sister Organization Updates (OHA) (FHCO)
Our sister non-profit organization…

Our sister non-profit organization…

Our sister non-profit organization One Hour for Afghanistan (OHA), had its first commencement ceremony on December 17, 2020, to celebrate its first graduating class. Twenty of the students completed the program and were provided with their certificates during the commencement ceremony.

A group of youths in Afghanistan created OHA to help provide vulnerable students around Kabul, Afghanistan, with necessary education through basic literacy classes such as language (Dari and English) and mathematics, as well as Islamic studies and Quran classes.

Due to all your generous donations to our organization, HOCO was able to provide equipment and teaching materials such as pencils, books, chairs, desks, and other equipment needed for the programs.

We here at Help for Orphan Children Organization (HOCO) wish the graduated students success in all their future endeavors. (December 17, 2020) (8)

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