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Change lives tomorrow by helping today.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “Blessed is the wealth of a Muslim from which he gives to the poor and the orphans”. – Sahih Al Bukhari



As a result of 40 years of war and conflict, there are 1.6 million children in Afghanistan that have been orphaned by the loss of one or both parents, and thousands more that have been abandoned. HOCO works to help orphans in Afghanistan to become independent and healthy adults by providing quality food, shelter, healthcare, education, as well as behavioral and psychosocial support.


Access to health services is a human right that everyone is entitled to. HOCO works to provide healthcare to orphaned children to help them live healthier and more independent lives.


We believe that equipping children with certain educational skills helps provide greater opportunities to be successful later in life. Skills such as analytical and critical thinking as well as rational decision-making are key to problem-solving. They represent some of the most desired traits of adults in both the professional workforce and civil life. These traits must be integrated early in a young child’s life in order for them to be educated and accomplished adults.

Help for Orphan Children Organization

A message from our children here at HOCO!