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Help for Orphan Children Organization helped support…

Help for Orphan Children Organization helped support…

Help for Orphan Children Organization helped support our sister organization’s One Hour for Afghanistan (OHA) educational programs by distributing brand new English books (Let’s Go series) to the students.

OHA is a (HOCO) funded program that was created by a group of talented youths voluntarily from HOCO and OHA, with the aim of providing free educational classes to 200 needy and vulnerable children who couldn’t attend private educational centers. The program’s classes are five days a week and are designed to provide basic language (Dari and English) classes, basic Math classes, Quran Classes, and literacy classes, as well as classes promoting peace and equality. The classes are designed for students ages 4 to 15, totaling 150 students. The classes include boys and girls from all different nations of Afghanistan, who are primarily from extremely impoverished families. Including students who are orphans or have one provider in their families. 

These youths started the program a year and a half ago with no support from the Government or NGOs. However, HOCO-AFG was able to help OHA by supporting the organization from the ground up as well as contributing and providing equipment and teaching materials to the program. Likewise, with the help of HOCO’s CEO/Founder Mr. Ahmad, Co-Founder/Organization Director Dr. Rawi, and the generous donations of all those who support HOCO, HOCO-AFG was able to provide furniture such as tables and chairs and other equipment for the students.

Our students are so delighted at receiving their new books and are thankful for all your generous donations in making it possible! (January 9, 2021) (9)

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