Our Team

“We here at Help for Orphan Chidlren Organization (HOCO) are passionate individuals who are working to help care for and support Afghanistan’s orphans and vulnerable children.”

Mirwais Tarin

Founder & CEO

Mirwais Tarin is the founder of Help for Orphan Children Organization (HOCO). Mr. Tarin is a self-made entrepreneur. He is the son of the late Noor Ahmad Tarin, a native of Afghanistan who was an esteemed publisher for the Ministry of Education in Afghanistan in the 1970s and ’80s. HOCO was established after Mr. Tarin’s recent travel to Afghanistan where he saw the conditions of orphans in the country. He was inspired and dedicated to helping the vulnerable youth and orphans and give back to his homeland. His passion has always been to help the needy due to his own struggles as a refugee coming from Afghanistan to the United States.

Contact Email: mirwaistarin.hoco@gmail.com 

Abdul Wali Rawi

Co-Founder & Organization Director

Dr. Abdul Wali Rawi is the director and head of medical services for Help for Orphan Children Organization (HOCO). He earned his medical degree from Kabul Medical University and specializes in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. Dr. Rawi has been serving the most vulnerable population of Afghanistan for almost 30 years. He is the founder of Kabul Servitors Institution and is a part of the education, health, and social services sector. His mission is to help orphans and vulnerable children live healthy and successful lives.

Our Staff Members

  • Dr. Sultan Mahmoud Alam 
  • Dr. Mohammadullah Abedi
  • Engr. Ahmad Zia Royal
  • Engr. Baryalai Poya 


Our Volunteers

Thank you to our volunteers in the United States and Afghanistan! We thank them for their amazing generosity and dedication to our organization. Without their help and support, this organization wouldn’t be possible!

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